0002: I’m Making A Film

Well here we are over a year later. I’m finally getting around to that second blog. 

So, September of 2019 I started writing my first screenplay ever. Now it wasn’t a feature length but still daunting to someone who sucks at writing. I began writing, reading, rewriting and doing that about a 100 more times. Fast forward to now and we have what seems to be a completed short film thesis screenplay. Wow. Pretty cool feeling. But now, gotta figure a budget, raise funds, find actors, audition actors, find locations, scrounge together a crew, market the film and shoot it this October (2020). Due to COVID we have all been under a time crunch, that is why I was unable to get to this till now. 

When I think about it all at once, it’s overwhelming. But day by day I chisel away it and soon it will be a beautiful short film honoring my Taita. Oh yeah, you are all probably wondering “But Al, what is this film even about??”

This story, in one word, is about Taita. Also known as my grandma. Taita was diagnosed with Alzheimers when I was young. So there’s that small part of me that remembers what she was like before being diagnosed but such a large part that saw her deteriorate and the toll that Alzheimers took on Taita. But it wasn’t just me that saw this deterioration, it was the 20 grandkids, 6 sons and daughters, the handful of great grandkids, and so many more of our family.

We all saw Taita turn from an up beat independent, to a quiet, dependent woman. For all of us it was difficult to accept. So this story is for all 6 brothers and sisters, 20 grandchildren, handful of great grandkids and everyone else who was lucky enough to know Taita then and now. With this film I want to honor who Taita was and still is to this day. 

This short film is about a grandson, Nicholas as he copes with accepting Taita for who she is becoming because of Alzhiemers. It’s the raw and real conversations and emotions that take place when you experience  someone you know and love become a totally different human right in front of you. It’s about the lessons and legacy Taita is leaving behind for us and the hope that one day we can share them and live them out with generations to come.

I can’t do this alone. I need to raise $1800 to fund this project. That goes towards actors, locations, catering (for everyone on set), props and wardrobe.


On the “Shop” page of my website, I will be selling limited edition “Taita Short Film” T-shirts and crewnecks, I will be doing portrait sessions or if you would like to contribute financially, you can Venmo me at @Alan-Imber.

 All sales will go 100% towards funding the film. Thank you so much for your support and prayers!

If you made it this far, thank you for reading it means the world to me.

As always, keep creating. Till next time,

- Alan

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